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31 Dec

Well here I am, on the road again, just like I wanted. And although I’d much prefer the roads leading to beaches & possibly Disney World (hey, it IS the happiest place on earth), I guess the road to Atlanta is better than no road at all. So here I am, writing my first official road-blog (all made possible by my constant companion, my Blackberry). Pratt & I are heading to the Chick-Fil-A Bowl to see the Vols take on Virginia Tech. It wasn’t our first choice of destinations for this awesome week away from work, but due to a lack of planning, and funds (and of course, a love for our TN Vols), it’s the plan.

And I can already tell you that I won’t be attempting too many more road-blogs around Pratt. He insists on talking to me and asking me questions (like, “what are you blogging about?” And “so you’re saying I shouldn’t surprise you one day and have your windows tinted?”) every couple minutes, thus forcing me to restart my whole thought process. I’ve politely asked him to remain silent just until I finish but he seems to find my anger humorous. So be it.

The past couple years, we’ve attempted to have a totally awesome New Year’s experience by attending various parties/events. But, I’ll tell you this… They’re a whole lotta nothin. Its a lot of build-up to a very anti-climatic ending. They verge on disappointing. Well, I’ll go ahead and say that NYE 2 years ago, at the Gulch in downtown Nashville, WAS disappointing. An overpriced party packed full of drunk people you don’t know, that all leads up to a 10-second countdown to a balloon-drop. Not that much fun. I think the only reason I attend those things is so that I can put on a pretty dress and heels. I love sparkly dresses. And an good excuse to wear one.

This year, however, no plans. No sparkly dresses (unfortunately). Our game will be over about an hour before midnight and we officially have no idea what we intend to do once that moment arises. I’m ok with that. It takes the pressure off. There’s no expectations of greatness. What a perfect start…

So as I finish this blog of randomness, all thanks to constant interruption from the child behind the wheel, I wish you all well in 2010. Enjoy your totally awesome, or perfectly boring New Years Eve’s and be safe!


Wedding Planning

21 Dec

A crash course.

So, my little sister Katie is getting married on May 22nd, 2010. We think. Katie and her fiancé Clint have been engaged since August of this year.  I was unofficially asked to step in as wedding planner.  Although I’m glad to help out (as I love weddings and everything girly)  I can’t make the decisions for her.  And, as of today (exactly 152 days from said wedding date) all that has been planned is the location: our home.  Plenty of other details have been thought about.  I guess that doesn’t count, does it?  Crap.  Her wedding is in 5 months and she doesn’t even have a dress yet.  (I can literally feel the panic I just caused to all of you past brides and wedding enthusiasts out there… I know, I know). 

Katie & Clint have been together for over 4 years now.  Here they are…

My mother and I have been through every checklist,book, blog, and magazine article we could find on wedding planning.  We know what we need to do, we just haven’t done it.  Don’t get me wrong, my sister couldn’t wait to be engaged, and definitely can’t wait to be married… it’s just that whole commit-to-a-date-and-plan-millions-of-little-details thing that she doesn’t much care for.  I can’t really blame her, it’s a LOT of work. I’m sure part of her has just wanted to run off and elope and not have to deal with any of the hassle a wedding can bring (and it may have, once or twice, been suggested by parents and various other family members).  You see, the men in Clint’s family have a history of this “tradition”… Mom was just trying to help them live out a legacy.  Ok, ok, maaayybbe mom is a (normally-sane) nutcase in hostess situations who is totally freaking about the amount of time we have left, and just doesn’t think she can survive the day-of without a anxiety attack.  (She winds herself up into a nervous wreck whenever we just have family coming over… dad likes to say she walks in circles).  We know better than to get in her way.  I can’t even begin to imagine what a couple hundred people, dresses, tuxes, caterers, photographers, and Dad would do to her.  She might have to be heavily medicated.  That, or we can ship her off to a deserted island and let her watch the wedding via live satellite feed?

Just for fun- Let’s take a vote!  “Backyard Wedding vs. Take The Money & Run” 


Well, Needless to say, If this wedding does happen on schedule, we’ve got a long way to go.  And since I’ll be learning as we go… I’ll try to keep everyone posted on the many adventures that are sure to follow, and the many lessons we learn along the way.  And, if anyone would like to share helpful pointers of your own, please do!

I do know this much; one of the most helpful resources I’ve found so far in my wedding research has been Ashley’s Bride Guide.  This website has pretty much everything you could possibly want to know about weddings in Nashville.  I could spend hours browsing through the numerous vendors and stalking other Nashvillians on the “Get Inspired” pages (A GREAT place to go for ideas on everything from location and colors to favors and food). I love it. Even if you don’t live in Nashville, you should really check it out just for the ideas that come with hours of browsing through wedding photos, videos, and such.

In the meantime…

Wish us luck!

My name is Becky…

17 Dec

… and I’m a gloss-aholic. 


I needed it.

Last weekend I took some time to browse through one of my favorite stores, Sephora.   And, ok, by “some time” I clearly mean at least 45 minutes to an hour.   I’m a total kid in a candy store in that place (well, we can just say It’s my make-up version of a candy store, because let’s face it… I AM the kid in a candy store).  It’s a total makeup oasis that I never want to escape.  As I made my way around all of the colorful, fun, beautiful, and irritatingly-well-packaged beauty products, I somehow found my way to a cute little set of Smashbox lip glosses.  I love their gloss, and this set happened to contain 2 full-sized and 4 smaller-sized glosses for only $29 (one full-sized gloss is $18).  See how great of a deal this was, people?!  How could I pass this up??  They even donated $1 of every sale to the Children’s Miracle Network, sold!  What’s the problem, you ask?  Well, in order to make room for these new treasures in my purse, I had to clean out an embarrassing 9 other lip products.  Yes people, I have a problem.  There.  Done.  Step 1 complete.  And, although 9 might seem like a ridiculous amount of lip product to have on me at all times, this is actually what I convinced myself to narrow down from at least 20something choices. (and as you can see from the old twitpic, this problem isn’t a recent development). 

So, what’s step 2?  Someone let me know. 

For all those other beauty-bingers like myself, I strongly recommend that you sign up for Sephora’s Beauty Insider.  It’s completely free to do, and by spending money you accumulate points which eventually lead to free gifts.  And who doesn’t like free (even if it does come at the expense of far too many beauty splurges) stuff?  Do it now. 

(Like the beauty gods themselves calling out to me, as I’m writing this blog to you, I received and email from Sephora offering me $15 off anything in the store.  They love me, they really love me.) 

And what’s that?  There’s more?  Yes, my friends.  For all of you unmarried, single women without children, who also wish to be doted upon but have never been ruled worthy by our marriage-and-baby-loving world… Sephora offers a registry for any occasion you can dream up.  Another reason I love this place.  Just because I don’t have a husband doesn’t mean I don’t need (or in the case of makeup, want) things!  Thank you Sephora, for acknowledging me.  A+

I just can’t wait to be on the road again

15 Dec

After a wonderful weekend with family in Atlanta, it’s unfortunately time to return to my “reality”.  I dropped Pratt off at the airport bright and very early this morning for his flight back to Not-So Maryland, (aka: my least favorite state, for obvious reasons).  As I pulled through all of the newly restructured BNA pathways… I found myself longing for another trip.  What can I say, I’m addicted.  I love to travel.  It doesn’t even have to be anywhere exciting… there’s just something thrilling to me about the whole process.  This, all coming from a girl who didn’t take her first flight until she was in her twenties.  Yes that’s right, my family drove EVERYWHERE.  I’ve been on more planes in the past month than during the first 20 years of my life. Granted, I do have a much better excuse for my numerous flights than ever before.  In fact, I’m pretty sure Southwest should have special assigned seats for Pratt and I en route from BNA to BWI (and visa versa).    

But aside from obligatory visits to the bf (kidding, I enjoy them), I love just going.  Anywhere. (and not just by plane). I’m constatntly thinking about and plotting my next “adventure”.  When my mind wanders… it’s to my next vacation. When I get more money… it goes towards my next vacation.  I don’t know if it’s the temporary escape from monotony or just the excitement that comes from the feeling of temporary freedom, but I crave it.  Needless to say, I’ve had my fair share of airport experiences in these past few years.  I wouldn’t categorize myself as a “pro” by any means (considering I’ve never even ventured abroad), but I’ve definitely earned “frequent flier” status.  Apart from having BNA and BWI memorized like the back of my hand (side note- who really memorizes what the back of their hand looks like?? I’m just saying),  along the way I’ve slowly compiled a list of, what I believe to be, necessities when flying the friendly skies.  In the spirit of sharing:  

A Blackberry (or any phone with internet capabilities).  But personally, Blackberry always wins. 

T-Mobile Blackberry Bold 9700


An iPod (loaded with a few new tunes and plenty of classics).  I always like to download something new right before a trip and spend my journey critiquing it. 

iPod Classic


Bose Headphones.  I got some as a Christmas gift a couple years back and I never fly without them.  I never fully appreciated their noise-cancelling capabilities until a recent flight with a very unhappy 1-year-old.  These babies are gold.  Trust me.  Not to mention that every song sounds like a private in-flight performance . 

Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones


Anti-Swine (sanitizer and disinfectants).  You really can’t have too many of these.  I sanitize after I touch anything at the airport or on the plane.  And these wipes are especially handy for wiping down tray-tables and armrests. (and headrests, you know,  just in case someone might have had lice).  I never thought myself a germaphobe, but I do realize this all makes me sound like a crazy lady.  Well worth it in my book. 

Purell Hand Sanitizer

Clorox Wipes To-Go


Big purses.  How else are you to carry all of your above-mentioned goodies through the airport?  (I’ll spare you my Olsen obsession for another post) 

Ashley Olsen + Big Purse


Jacket or small blanket. It never fails.  The day I decide I can survive that short little 1.5 hour flight without protection is the day the captain has a hot-flash and decides to freeze us out with sub-zero temps. 

This might be pushing it


Easy shoes & minimal accessories.  I’ve never encountered too much of a problem with passing through security, but having shoes that come on and off easily can be a small blessing.  Summer travel is easy with flip-flops and various other quickly removable sandals, but it’s the cold months that get ya.  Those tall, super-cute, have-to-spend-20-minutes-tucking -in-your-jeans, kind of boots are a game killer on a busy day. 

Not the best idea


Chargers.  Being caught at the airport for hours while your plane is delayed, and your phone is dead is not cool.  How will all of your social-networking buddies know all about the misery you are suffering??  Really, you’re doing it for them.  Think about them. 

Phone Charger




Eternally Undeclared

9 Dec

Life lately has become somewhat monotonous and my creative energy needed an outlet… blogging seemed to be a good way to release my thoughts and free my mind from time to time. One problem, don’t really have anything to write about right now. Not unlike every other nagging aspect of my life, even the simple decision to start blogging has left me frustrated.

 I guess I could wait until something inspired me to share my thoughts with the world, but needing instant gratification, I figured I could just make it happen, and let the others fall by inspiration.

 This thinking doesn’t shock me. I’d say my inability to make decisions (for myself, at least) is probably one of my most annoying qualities (I’m sure my family & friends would happily agree). It’s nothing new. It’s been following me since birth, I’m positive. Although, it made much more of a presence during my college years. Going into Lipscomb (ohhh, lipscomb) I didn’t really have a clue what I wanted to do with my life. I knew I needed an education, and I figured once I got to that point, things would just kind of fall into place and I would find my calling among the Gen Ed courses and mandatory Bible hours. (Noticing a pattern here?).

Well, several years and a hundred million “so , what do you want to do when you graduate?”‘s later; same answer. No clue. In fact, I’m almost willing to say that I’m even more uncertain now than ever. It’s not that I lack inspiration or passion, it’s that I have far too many. It’s that fact that I could literally be happy in so so many different career paths, and I have this unwavering inability to make decisions that might direct me to any certain one. I could go on and on with this for pages, but I’m sure you get the point.

I graduated from Lipscomb (finally) in May 2008 with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in Marketing. To do what, you might ask? To become the (Get ready, this is fancy) “Assistant Director of Corporate Resources” at ECI Defense Group. And what do I do? HR, Marketing, and numerous other random “corporate resources” related tasks. Absolutely nothing involving runways, fashion weeks, couture designs, photo shoots, and window displays. Am I completely bummed? No! I love fashion, I do. But not to the extent that you’d really have to in order to move your life to a city full of competitive and ruthless witches who are more knowledgeable and undoubtedly more qualified than myself. Now, I realize there certainly are things within the industry that I could get involved with right here in Nashville, but to be completely honest… I’d put my love for music far above that of fashion, and would be much more apt to take position among the masses in THAT industry. But for the moment, I’m just happy to be employed. (And with the family biz, no less).

 For entertainment- An ongoing list of once possible career paths: Piloting, Photography, Marketing & Advertising, Journalism, Education (teaching, not learning, Lord know I’ve had enough of that), Wedding Planning, Owner of a Bridal Boutique, Artist Management &/or Talent Scout at Some Big Record Label, Private Investigating, Celebrity Stylist, Songwriting, Psychology, and more than I can even remember.

 None of these are off the table yet.

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