Eternally Undeclared

9 Dec

Life lately has become somewhat monotonous and my creative energy needed an outlet… blogging seemed to be a good way to release my thoughts and free my mind from time to time. One problem, don’t really have anything to write about right now. Not unlike every other nagging aspect of my life, even the simple decision to start blogging has left me frustrated.

 I guess I could wait until something inspired me to share my thoughts with the world, but needing instant gratification, I figured I could just make it happen, and let the others fall by inspiration.

 This thinking doesn’t shock me. I’d say my inability to make decisions (for myself, at least) is probably one of my most annoying qualities (I’m sure my family & friends would happily agree). It’s nothing new. It’s been following me since birth, I’m positive. Although, it made much more of a presence during my college years. Going into Lipscomb (ohhh, lipscomb) I didn’t really have a clue what I wanted to do with my life. I knew I needed an education, and I figured once I got to that point, things would just kind of fall into place and I would find my calling among the Gen Ed courses and mandatory Bible hours. (Noticing a pattern here?).

Well, several years and a hundred million “so , what do you want to do when you graduate?”‘s later; same answer. No clue. In fact, I’m almost willing to say that I’m even more uncertain now than ever. It’s not that I lack inspiration or passion, it’s that I have far too many. It’s that fact that I could literally be happy in so so many different career paths, and I have this unwavering inability to make decisions that might direct me to any certain one. I could go on and on with this for pages, but I’m sure you get the point.

I graduated from Lipscomb (finally) in May 2008 with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in Marketing. To do what, you might ask? To become the (Get ready, this is fancy) “Assistant Director of Corporate Resources” at ECI Defense Group. And what do I do? HR, Marketing, and numerous other random “corporate resources” related tasks. Absolutely nothing involving runways, fashion weeks, couture designs, photo shoots, and window displays. Am I completely bummed? No! I love fashion, I do. But not to the extent that you’d really have to in order to move your life to a city full of competitive and ruthless witches who are more knowledgeable and undoubtedly more qualified than myself. Now, I realize there certainly are things within the industry that I could get involved with right here in Nashville, but to be completely honest… I’d put my love for music far above that of fashion, and would be much more apt to take position among the masses in THAT industry. But for the moment, I’m just happy to be employed. (And with the family biz, no less).

 For entertainment- An ongoing list of once possible career paths: Piloting, Photography, Marketing & Advertising, Journalism, Education (teaching, not learning, Lord know I’ve had enough of that), Wedding Planning, Owner of a Bridal Boutique, Artist Management &/or Talent Scout at Some Big Record Label, Private Investigating, Celebrity Stylist, Songwriting, Psychology, and more than I can even remember.

 None of these are off the table yet.


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