31 Dec

Well here I am, on the road again, just like I wanted. And although I’d much prefer the roads leading to beaches & possibly Disney World (hey, it IS the happiest place on earth), I guess the road to Atlanta is better than no road at all. So here I am, writing my first official road-blog (all made possible by my constant companion, my Blackberry). Pratt & I are heading to the Chick-Fil-A Bowl to see the Vols take on Virginia Tech. It wasn’t our first choice of destinations for this awesome week away from work, but due to a lack of planning, and funds (and of course, a love for our TN Vols), it’s the plan.

And I can already tell you that I won’t be attempting too many more road-blogs around Pratt. He insists on talking to me and asking me questions (like, “what are you blogging about?” And “so you’re saying I shouldn’t surprise you one day and have your windows tinted?”) every couple minutes, thus forcing me to restart my whole thought process. I’ve politely asked him to remain silent just until I finish but he seems to find my anger humorous. So be it.

The past couple years, we’ve attempted to have a totally awesome New Year’s experience by attending various parties/events. But, I’ll tell you this… They’re a whole lotta nothin. Its a lot of build-up to a very anti-climatic ending. They verge on disappointing. Well, I’ll go ahead and say that NYE 2 years ago, at the Gulch in downtown Nashville, WAS disappointing. An overpriced party packed full of drunk people you don’t know, that all leads up to a 10-second countdown to a balloon-drop. Not that much fun. I think the only reason I attend those things is so that I can put on a pretty dress and heels. I love sparkly dresses. And an good excuse to wear one.

This year, however, no plans. No sparkly dresses (unfortunately). Our game will be over about an hour before midnight and we officially have no idea what we intend to do once that moment arises. I’m ok with that. It takes the pressure off. There’s no expectations of greatness. What a perfect start…

So as I finish this blog of randomness, all thanks to constant interruption from the child behind the wheel, I wish you all well in 2010. Enjoy your totally awesome, or perfectly boring New Years Eve’s and be safe!


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