I guess this thing is official

7 Jan

So my sister finally bought her wedding dress! Yeahiknow.   Super exciting.  She actually made the purchase last week. Her and mom went back to The White Room and, after a momentary freak out after thinking her dress was no longer there, they found her dress and made this thing real!  Woo. Hoo.  (That wasn’t sarcastic, I just felt the need to write it like that).  Katie also asked one (possibly more) of her bridesmaids (no word yet if I made the cut :-)) and is currently in the process of mapping out many other details.  We’re finally moving towards the goal and it just makes everything seem so real-life… and quickly forthcoming.

I like over-using parenthesis. (Can you tell? )

In other news… Look how ridiculously adorable my favorite little niece, Marlie, is.

Chef Marlie better soak it up because she can only be my favorite niece for about 1 more month… Baby sister is on her way!  Marlie is my brother and sister-in-law’s little girl.  (And Clint, Katie’s fiance, will be her very first uncle! Poor child has only had 4 completely-obsessed and spoiling aunts for all this time…)


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