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Things I Love(d) Thursday

19 Mar

So I’m a day behind… you’ll get over it.

My week was pretty uneventful and lazy, but here’s what loved yesterday:

Chick-Fil-A.  My 18million pairs pairs of VS Boyfriend Sweatpants.  Starbucks’ new Dark Cherry Mocha, yumm.  The fun, 70’s rocker style, that (the suddenly grown-up) Dakota & Kristen are sporting in The Runaways. (I could have totally lived in the 70’s. I think I was born during the wrong decade).  Picking up the bridesmaid dresses for my sister’s wedding, it’s going to be here before we know it!  The fact that it’s Peep time ( that sugary, marshmallowy treat with whom I have a love/hate relationship).  My super-cheap plane ticket to D.C. this weekend… that happens to be on the tiniest little plane which I don’t love so much.

Also, my brother sent me this link to Gwyneth Paltrow’s newsletter (visit her website: GOOP) about her recent adventures in Nashville.  In it she talks about all of the different food and music venues she tried/heard about.  She definitely made the rounds during her time here!  I’m saddened that I didn’t have a chance encounter with Gwenny while she was in my city, but I’m inspired by all of the things she found so special about this town.  Heck, half the places she wrote about are places I’ve yet to experience myself.  Guess it’s time to be a tourist in my own town for once.  (Also, I noticed that she happened to enjoy the almost identical treats my friend & I did while at Whiskey Kitchen, great minds I tell you).  Seriously though, if you’ve never been to Nashville (or if you’re like me and still have a lot more to discover) read her newsletter.  She’s got lots of good info on there.


Saturday Morning So Far

13 Mar

Apparently this is how I spend my Saturdays now; looking through pictures of other people’s homes.  I wish this were my bedroom.  It’s so pretty, and light, and refreshing.  And check out that view!  Oh, and tall ceilings.  I love tall ceilings.

apartment therapy

I don’t think I could ever live in a home shared by my sibling’s family like these girls did… but maaayyybe if I lived here.  No, still no.  That’s just crazy talk.

Break Away

13 Mar

It’s a funny thing to me… how even without realizing that spring break is around the corner, my body started to crave warm weather and sandy beaches.  Maybe it’s just the natural response to months of cold and wet weather that finally start to break way for the sun.  Or, maybe it’s my body remembering that for so long in my life… this was a vacation time.  Whatever it is, it’s not so cool.  I don’t need to go to the beach right now for various reasons (including, most importantly, the amount of college kiddies that will be covering every square inch of my relaxation zone).  But, these temptations are tough to resist.  Let me tell ya.  Every part of me wants to grab my bathing suit, throw on some sunglasses, and drive my butt down to the gulf to put my toes in the sand for a few days, BUT… I’ll resist the urge.  For now.  While being an “adult” certainly has it’s pitfalls (limited number of days available to use said adventures), it also has this other wonderful positive spin… you can use them any time of the year!  I know, it’s so great!  Now, my vacations aren’t limited to Spring, Summer, Fall, and Christmas.  Now, my friends, I can “break” whenever the heck my little heart desires.  (Although, to be fair, I kinda always did that anyway… attendance policies never stopped this girl! Except for maybe graduating on time. But that’s another story for another day).  So, don’t you worry, I will have my day at the beach.  I’m not sure where, when, or who with, but it will happen.  It HAS to happen (for my sanity and the well-being of my family and co-workers).

I would love to go here:

My sister & I at Ke'e Beach... soaking up every last minute.

I wish, with every tiny piece of my soul, that I could be at this place right this very instant.  (By the way, it’s the 2000’s already people, why haven’t we figured out teleportation yet??).  This is taken from a family trip to Kauai, Hawaii back in 2007.  We stayed at a house right on the beach within walking distance of the Na Pali coast.  That place was perfection.  I had planned to hide on our scheduled departure day and be stuck there forever, but chickened out in the end.  I’m still convinced I could live a perfectly happy and normal life as a beach-bum, if anybody wants to join me.  Some people try to tell me that I would eventually get tired of the beach and it would lose it’s magic.  Ok, Crazies!  Shame on you for speaking such negative things about my home!!  We are no longer friends.  That kind of scenery out your window could never get old.

I’m contemplating businesses I can start on the island (because who needs a vacation when you live in paradise?).  Any and all ideas are welcome.  I’m thinking I may just set up shop on the sand with some sunscreen and popsicles until a wealthy vacationer offers to be a financial backer to my island wedding business.  It could work.  OR, or I could be that person in all the ads for the local hotels/tourism board that is enjoying the beach, pool, restaurant, etc.  Now, there’s a job I’d be good at.  😉

Speaking of packing up and moving to paradise… does anyone else remember this little contest that was put on a year ago?  They were going to pay somebody to live in Australia for 6 months and blog about their experience.  Hellloooo, dream job.  Apparently it was a lot of people’s dream jobs.  The site got so jammed with visitors that it was down for a day or so.  The whole point of this contest was to draw attention to the area and increase tourism.  Hope it worked! (although, I have to say, I’ve yet to check in and see what the winner did with the opportunity, so maybe it didn’t?)

Things I Love Thursday

11 Mar

Pulp-free orange juice.  Saving money (thanks, in large part, to my loving and gracious parents who let me constantly crash their party, aka: live at their house).  The beautiful, sunny, 70 degree weather we had Monday- more of that, please!  Antropologie announcing their debut into the wedding biz (like a DREAM come true).  Jim & Pam.  Addie Garner officially being in Nashville.  Hot-tubs after a long day at work.  Spontaneous trips up north.  New, and yet-to-be-cluttered-by-insane-amounts-of-lipgloss-and-crap, purses.  Loveless Cafe (especially the fried chicken, biscuits, blackberry preserves, country ham, and hashbown casserole.  oh and everything else on the menu).  Conan O’Brien tweeting: “f I had a show, I’d tweet about which Oscar winner is coming on tonight. Instead, here’s my favorite frozen vegetable: Peas!“.  Conan O’Brien announcing a tour of sorts… have yet to figure out what exactly will be happening.  Fried Pickles.  Fried anything.   Target’s recent collaboration; Liberty of London (hopefully I can purchase some of these adorable pieces before the get raked up by the masses, as it happens with all of the Target/Designer collabs. Yes I just made that word up, get over it).  Sandra’s big night- she looked beautiful (and so happy, right?!)

Locality: Whiskey Kitchen

9 Mar

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to try out a new local hangout in Nashville.  A friend of mine from Atlanta had been excited to try out Whiskey Kitchen after seeing it pop up everywhere alongside the names of various Nashville celebs who were in attendance at some point.  So on Friday night, we ventured out. This place is located at 118 12th Avenue South.  (I didn’t realize this area was considered part of The Gulch… apparently it is).

We got there at about 9PM and were told there was an hour and forty-five minute wait for a table, but the bar was full-service.  Two hours for food??  No thanks.  (I do realize that going to a bar on a Friday night is begging for a crowd, but I was hungry, ok?)  We proceeded to creep behind a few people at the bar until the left their seats and we snatched them up.  And it’s a good thing too, because I don’t know that we’d have ever gotten a table!  People were in there to drink and have a good time, and that’s not something done in a timely fashion.  So out of the maybe 15 tables in the place, approximately 2 opened up in the time we were there.  Now, it may not have been exactly classy to eat an entire meal at the bar… but we had no shame.  Hunger is not my friend and I’m not afraid to chow down in front of a crowd.

It was super-busy and pretty loud.  People were having to shout, and even having a conversation with my friend, 6 inches away, was a bit of a challenge.  But, the atmosphere was good.  People were happy, having a good time, and the music was decent.  (There was a DJ spinning all night, not exactly what I was expecting from a place with this name, but I guess they’re trying to attract a certain crowd… and playing slow-cooked southern music might bring out a bunch of cowboy hat-wearing hicks that could ruin their “trendy” vibe)  Mission accomplished. No cowboy hats here.

My Run-Down:

Drinks were Pretty reasonably priced (for the type of bar this is).  Jack+Cokes were $6.50/each but my Vanilla Sky was a whopping $9.50.  (I justified it at the time because I never get out much anymore, but wow).

The food was delicious.  Like I mentioned, we ate our entire meal at the bar with people reaching around us for drinks the entire time, but it was worth it to have a seat.  We shared the “Southern Sliders” and “Tennessee Whiskey Yam Fries” (sweet potato fries) and both were fabulous.  I’ve never been a fan of sweet potatoes, but we managed to eat every last fried morsel of these babies.  I’d go back just for the fries (but definitely on a not-so-crowed week night).

And as I’m browsing the internet for a good picture of the place I come across this quote from Nashfullovit:

“We’ve never seen anyone eat at the crowded bar, although we suppose it’s technically possible.”

Well, friends, let us be the first to break that social-etiqutte barrier!  I like my food, and would have un-shamefully eaten from my lap if I had to.  🙂

** Little side-note to various family members and fellow CoC people who might find my talk of booze slightly horrifying- It’s OK.  Jesus drank.  I’m a grown-up and I can handle it from time to time.

Feed me… ANY of this.

5 Mar

WHY, oh why… would I decide to browse through these delicious recipes at lunch, knowing that all I have in my little cabinet here at work is some pb and crackers??  You tell me, because I can’t seem to fathom a reason for such self-induced torture.

WARNING:  Do not click this link unless you (a) are full and therfore scrumptious food doesn’t appeal you, or (b) you happen to live in the only house in America that miraculously contains all the ingredients you’d need to make any of these dishes.

Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic… but let me remind you that I’m eating peanut butter on a saltine for lunch.  Now, feel sorry for me.

Things I Love Thursday

4 Mar

In an attempt to find a way to routinely update this thing… I present to you: “Things I Love Thursday”- an idea that is by no means my own creation.  A previously mentioned blogger recently suggested that her readers follow in her footsteps, and I’m happy to oblige.  (This is apparently, a recent wide-spread blogging trend).

So here they are, things that I’m loving on this fabulous Thursday:

My out-of-town BFF getting an apartment in Nashville.  Shuffle on my iPod for reminding me of fun songs I forgot about.  My cowboy (ahem, girl) boot obsession and the fact that I live in a city where it is readily accepted.  EVERYTHING here.  Food color spray that made my cupcakes look semi-pro (so much fun).  Girl Scout cookies.  Getting to wear jeans to work tomorrow.  Phone chats with my 2 year old niece, Marlie.  Dry shampoo so I don’t have to shower frequently (cause you know I hate that).  Mamma Mia with mom and Katie tonight.  Bread & Company fruit tea (yummm).  Bridal magazines.  GLEE returning in ONE month.  New Butch Walker jams.  American Idol (despite the hour of commercials).  The ability to not watch shows live, and fast-forward through commercials.  Planning future travels (both realistic and fantasy).  Vanilla Caramel coffee creamer… or anything that makes that oh-so-delicious smelling stuff taste a little less like coffee and a little more like dessert.  The invention of the show Modern Family (hilarious).  The surprised look I always get when someone walks into the bathroom at work and I’m brushing my teeth (if they knew my dental history, they wouldn’t judge).  Plans with my bestfriend/old college roomie tomorrow night (sometimes the separation is more than I can bear). My collection of F.R.I.E.N.D.S  dvd’s that never get old.

Speaking of that favorite show of mine, a little quote that makes me smile:

Mr. Geller: Well, I don’t know what’s in the boxes down here, but I do know there are six or seven Easy Bake Ovens in the attic.
Monica: I used to
love to play restaurant.
Ross: Yeah, not as much as you used to love to play “un-cooked batter eater.”
Monica: Hey, it is unreasonable to expect a child to wait for a lightbulb to cook brownies!

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