Things I Love Thursday

11 Aug

I’m back, I’m back.  Life is pretty good here in the great (?) state of Maryland.  Not too much to complain about outside of the heat, homesickness, and boring social life… all thing that will be remedied in the coming months.  Here’s what I’m loving on lately:

cute-overload credit

  • Hearing the chimes of all 3 (yes, THREE) ice cream trucks as they drive past our condo everyday.  A perk of our proximity to the pool.
  • Having a LOST marathon with my husband.  We watched the entire series (120 episodes) in about 3 weeks.  I’m already missing my friends… especially Hurley and Sawyer.
  • Saving our $$ so we can eventually buy a place of our own, (where we can drill holes and paint/destruct to our hearts’ content).
  • My husband’s face as I recently explained to him that if, at any point in time, ‘NSYNC decides to joyfully reunite for any type of performance (and if, and ONLY if, Justin Timberlake is included) that I must be there.  No matter when, where, or how much it costs.  Priceless.  I think he’d be ashamed of the 14-year-old I once was. 😉
  • Upcoming plans.  We are very  very thankful for the eventfulness that the fall/winter seasons bring.  As a result of our attempts to save money, July-August has been one the most boring stretches of our lives everrrr.  (This should help explain our 120-episode LOST insanity).  We’re beyond anxious to get out, see people, go places, and have plans.  Current planned excitements:  Trip to SC to visit with my husband’s bff and his new baby boy, my entire family (all 8 of them) visiting us in MD over Labor Day, a beach wedding in September, football, possibly Chicago, cabins in the mountains, more football, etc.
  • Having real conversations with my 4-year-old niece.  How many 4-year olds do you know that can not only effortlessly say the word “chiropractor” but also explain to you that their mom had an appointment with one because “her back gets all crackled up and stuff so he had to fix it”?  Too funny.  This is the same girl who approached the poolside-musician at the beach to request “anything Bob Marley” or “maybe Jack Johnson”.
  • PW iced coffee.  A bit of a hassle to make, but so very worth it in the end and so much cheaper than paying for Sbux, Dunkin (my love), or even McD’s.  And the best part is you have total control over the sweetness.  I like a little caramel, a little sweetener, a little half-and-half.  Delish.
  • Finally forcing myself to put photos up around our place thanks, in part, to our July visitors. 🙂
  • My best friend’s recent June wedding featured here.  It was such a cute wedding, lots of fun details.  Check it out!
  • Talking my sister through some patience-trying issues at work.  This kind of stress in the workplace can be so emotionally draining at times, and I’ve been where she is.  It’s nice to have someone to vent to who understands what you’re going through.  And since I couldn’t make an in-office appearance, I sent her some virtual motivation (1 & 2).  There are some pretty good tips in there.  I’m sure most people can relate.
  • Pre-planning how to decorate our place for Christmas.  Yeah, it may still be over 4 months away… but it’s my favorite holiday.  Therefor, I’m allowed to be excited already.

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