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79 Days To Go

4 Nov

Wow, so I guess you’ve probably missed me?? Yeah, I thought so. I know for a fact my mom has. She’s lovingly nagged me here and there about updating this thing. So, really, this is for you, mom.  🙂

So… a LOT has happened since my last post (thus the excuse for my absence). For starters, I got engaged! (yay). My best friend, boyfriend, and now fiancé asked me to marry him on October 1, 2010. I said yes. Then we got the crazy idea that we should get married in 3 months. Hey, I called myself crazy, there’s no need for you to chime in. It’s been insanely overwhelming these last few weeks, as expected, but I think I’m finally starting to get a little clarity in all the madness. You may be wondering why we chose to get married so quickly (January 22, 2011 to be precise), and I’m wondering the same thing, so when you figure it our let me know. Just kidding, we’ve spent the last 3 years dating long-distance and the moment he asked me to marry him I knew I didn’t want to put it off any longer. We’re just so ready to be together, in the same place, and married. We didn’t see a need to drag it out any longer. So, let the games begin!

I’m in the process of planning a wedding, a honeymoon, a move (destination slightly unknown but most likely Maryland), and all of the little details that fall in-between those events. It’s chaotic to say the very least. And even though I may or may not have had a nervous breakdown on at least 28 of the last 34 days of our engagement, I’m still glad we made this decision. Aside from being overly-annoyed with long-distance romance, I’m a huge, MAJOR procrastinator and If there wasn’t a fire under my butt I may have never gotten things done.

Butt-fire has been lit and plans are underway. My mom and sister have been extremely helpful in figuring things out. I’m thankful for them and all of my wonderful friends who have offered to help in various ways. I generally have a problem asking for help, I’ve always just liked doing things for myself, so I always wait until I’m practically hiding in a closet crying before I cave and beg for assistance. But, my family just steps in without invitation, and their style of force-fed help is exactly what I’ve needed.

We’ve got a lot of major details figured out (date, venue, dress, bridesmaid dresses, caterer…). Wait, is that all? Shoot! It seemed like so much more in my head. I guess I mean, I’ve “thought” about a lot of details. I may not have them all finalized, but I definitely know what I want… for the most part. And we’re slowly but surely getting there!

Here’s our wedding website if you’re interested. It’s password protected but if you want the password (and I know you) just let me know!!

79 days and counting!!  Wish us luck!!


A Cold Day in August

1 Aug

Who gets a cold in August? Really? Two years in a row, no less.  Although, to be fair, I’m almost certain last year’s illness was really the swine flu.  And since it happened to coincide with MJ’s memorial service, was just all-around miserable.  Chills, fever, coughing, dizziness, and sneezing all made worse by moments like Mariah choking up while singing “I’ll Be There” in front of Michael Jackson’s friends and family.  That was truly a miserable, non-stop-tears&runny-nose day.  Luckily, this time around I’m fairly certain it’s just a cold.  No fever, no chills, just really tired/drained and congested.  I don’t understand how I can make it through col&flu season every year just fine, but end up sick in the middle of a 100 degree summer?

Regardless, I need to be better by tomorrow.  One- it’s my little sister’s first day on the job (full-time-big-girl-real-world job).  And two- I have my quarterly (because that’s all I can afford) 4-hour salon appointment.  Needless to say, it’s going to be a loooong day.  I’ve tried my very best to use my weekend to get through my cold so that I can be ready to go tomorrow.  I hate using PTO for sickness, I’d MUCH rather use them for fun things!  Since I’ve been cooped up in my room doing my cold-stricken duty of “resting”, here’s some things that have kept me entertained:

FRIENDS. Yes I know I watch way too much, but it really does make me feel better, I promise.  It just never gets old.

Reading. What? Did I say that? Yep, I did.  Thanks to your suggestions (via comments, texts, tweets, etc) I’ve started reading Eat, Pray, Love.  I’m only about 1/4 of the way through- because I’d really rather have my eyes closed when I’m laying in bed with a cold than using them to read- but I love it so far.  And you’re right, Erika, it definitely isn’t doing much to curb my desire for travel!

Blog-Browsing.  I’ve spent a few hours ogling over the beautiful weddings on 100 Layer Cake and salivating over the recipes from The Pioneer Woman.  Inspiration for now & later.  🙂

Plotting ways to waste all of my money.  I can’t even tell you how much I love everything in both of these stores (Anthropologie and J.Crew), but I can tell you that I’ve already spent thousands of dollars in my mind on some of the beautiful things I found in them (via their catalogues and websites). I actually own the super-cute sweater (be jealous) but this look is just so cute.

Anthro Sweater Anthro Dress

J.Crew J.CrewJ.CrewJ.Crew

sidenote/question– Is this girl Behati Prinsloo? I’m pretty sure it is.  I fell in love with this model when I frist started seeing her in VS PINK ads (mainly because of how much she resembled Ellen Pompeo- Meredith, Grey’s Anatomy- see it??).  She looks gorgeous. And in case you don’t happen to see it… I’ve provided an illustration. Twins, I swear it.

Shark Week.  Yeah, there’s not a whole lotta explanation needed here.  Who doesn’t love some good shark stories to scare you out of ever stepping foot into an ocean again (as if JAWS weren’t enough)? Speaking of, I need to break out my JAWS t-shirt this week, I suppose.  Call me a shork! (Shark-Dork. I just made that up, cool, huh?) So, I can’t really claim this as sick-becky entertainment since it starts today, but I just had to include it.

Random History Channel Specials– Speaking of good TV, I just saw a special called, “Most Extreme Airports”.  This was equal parts awesome and terrifying.  I definitely wanna ride the fence at St. Maarten.  (Or at least lay on the beach as the plane flies over!). I don’t see a schedule for re-air, so you’ll have to do your own research if you want to see what I’m talking about.  Here’s a few of my favorites: St. Maarten (Princess Juliana International), Lukla (Tenzing-Hillary) with a TINY runway with an enormous drop-off in the middle of the Himalayas, and Courchevel with its ski-jump runway. Scary!

So Much for Reading Rainbow

23 Jul

Apparently the only thing I learned from that show was a really cool song. IIII cannn gooo annyywhere.  Oh, and I thought LeVar Burton was pretty cool too.

So, I never thought the day would come.  I actually don’t think anybody could have seen this coming… I, a self-proclaimed non-reader, am asking for book suggestions.  Ever since the days of forced (even during our sacred summers) reading and book reports, I’ve sworn off the whole idea. It wasn’t for me, I decided.  Those people who said, “Aww, the book was SO much better than the movie”… well not if you didn’t read the book!  I always enjoyed the movie.  There was never a disappointment upon comparison for this girl.  I don’t know why I didn’t get passed down the love-to-read-for-the-fun-of-it gene from my mother.  She’s one of those who can read a whole book in a day out by the pool.  Must be a middle-child thing.

I’ve tried, over the years, many times to start reading.  I’ll go to the store, pick out a book (after judging it by it’s cover, naturally) and bring it home.  THEN, I’ll hide it somewhere deep in a dresser or closet where I can forget about it and feel a little less guilty for not reading it.  If I keep it out on the nightstand it looks at me with this “you don’t love me” sadness and I think, “you’re right, I don’t, now where did you hide the remote”.  While I have to admit that I actually DID enjoy the very few books I read because I wanted to, I just can’t seem to find the motivation to start another one.  You see, I buy them because I want to read them, but then that moment comes when I think “I shall read now”, and my brain goes into overdrive thinking about all of the other possible (mindless) things I could be doing with my life.  The enormously large collection of chick-flicks and TV on DVD start calling to me.  My computer starts craving some attention.  My bed sucks me in for a nap.  There’s always an excuse for why I can’t and a better activity on the to-do list.

But now I’m going to try, once more, to read. For fun, no less.  I live at home with my parents (aka: not with friends to occupy my time), my friends that are in town are always busy with their own interesting lives, my boyfriend lives 5.876 billion miles away, it’s too hot to be outside for more that 10 minutes at once, and there is no good TV on during the summer.  I’m bored!!  While I could be perfectly content to continuously cycle through the seasons of FRIENDS and The O.C or watch Pride & Prejudice for the 118th time, I think it’s time for something new.

So help me.  Give me some ideas for reading material.  Hey, there’s a chance I may even already own the book! I might just have to assemble a search & rescue team to find it…

(I’d prefer something outside of vampire/werewolf teen drama and romance novels, thank you!)

PEE ESS- Did you know what Reading Rainbow might be making a comeback?? I hear that Mr. Burton tweeted a little something about a RR 2.0. “Take a look.   It’s in a book…”  I’m not quite sure if the song’s really that good of if it just brings back happy memories of school when it was still fun (naps and crafts).

A Time for New Adventures?

11 Jul

Do you ever have ideas that pop into you head out of nowhere?  The kind of ideas that seem so random but exciting at the same time?

Yesterday morning I woke up craving a move.  Desiring  new city to explore.  Wanting some adventure.  I’m not quite sure what set me off, but I can’t seem to get it out of my head.  And as I was perusing the blog-world early yesterday morning (because I went to sleep far too early the night before) I came across a quote that struck a very intense chord with me;

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

Don’t you just love those moments when life seems to send you “signs” just when you need them?  It’s pretty magical.  I get crazy ideas in my head all the time and usually I find a way to talk myself out of them using my excellent arguing skills (and possibly my fear of commitment).  These ideas always sound so wonderful at the beginning, but seem to lose their luster with every thought-processing, self-reasoning second that passes.  And then I end up right where I was before…  my boring life.

I’ve thought for a while about moving somewhere new for various reasons.  (1) Finally giving my parents some privacy and getting out of their way.  (2) because I love to travel and explore new places.  (3)  I just need a change.

I can’t say for sure if these ideas will lead me to a new hometown anytime in the near future… but they definitely got me thinking.

Oh, the fun of dreaming!

Do We Really Have to ‘Share the Road’?

23 Jun

Do you know what’s really annoying???  Well, wait… Let me back up.  I try to keep my postings on the positive side (hard as that may be at times) because listening to people complain and whine all day is just obnoxious and nobody cares about your problems….but sometimes I need a rant… this is one of those times.

So, like I was saying, you know what’s really annoying?  Bikers.  Not the leather-wearing motor-powered kind.  No no, the spandex-wearing, in-shape, annoying kind.  (I guess, technically, they’re called “cyclists”, but that’s too hard to say. So they’re bikers)  And I’m not just saying that because I’m envious of their motivation and willpower to get out and perform some kind of physical activity or because of the bodies that result from such activity… nope.  These people want to die.  And that’s not just annoying, it’s rude.  I guess I could be a tad more specific with my ranting:  I hate people who bike on Tyne (or similar roads).  For those of you who don’t live in Nashville or know where Tyne is… Just imagine a windy, hilly, tree-smothered road with ZERO shoulders and frequent drop-offs.  Now imagine 2 bikers enjoying their spandexed-out morning excercise as everyone in the world is trying to get to work… in a hurry, no less.  It’s so dangerous and so dumb.  If I come around a corner and can’t see you until the last-minute, and there’s a car coming towards me in the other lane… you leave me two choices:  (a) swerve into a tree and die or (b) hit you.  Don’t make me chose.  Seriously though, it’s a scary situation for all parties.  These bikers like to put everyone in danger.  You people should take your exercising and environmentally–friendly ways elsewhere.  Go to a park or something.  There are places created specifically with bikers in mind.  I get that you enjoy a challenge…. but I doubt you want the life-or-death kind.

And, not to mention Nashville has the worst drivers.  Ever.  I’m not even joking.  I can make this observation since I was born and raised (and learned to drive) in Georgia.  In Georgia, we were tought to follow the basic rules of the road, you know… turn signals, red lights, minimum speed limits, etc etc.  Apparently, everyone in Nashville was tought that these “rules” were more of “guidelines” that nobody chooses to follow.  You may think I’m exaggerating, but you just wait.  Next time someone pulls rapidly out in front of you (causing you to slam on your breaks) only to go 10 miles UNDER then speed limit and eventually tun off the road .3 miles later…. check the tags.  It’s a Tennessean.  They’re in no hurry and you won’t know which direction they’re going at a 4-way-stop.  Oh man, 4-way-stops and Tennesseans could be an entire post on its own.  I think you get the idea though, so I’ll spare you.

Let’s recap:  Inconsiderate bikers are annoying and have a death wish. Nashville residents cheated their way through driver’s school.  These two facts make a scary combination for all innocent and rule-following commuters.

OH- and did you know there’s an entire website out there dedicated to my rantings??  It’s called and it’s a liiiiiittle overboard, but funny.  I don’t hate bikers, I just want them out of my way 😉

** And as I searched for a nice bike picture to include with this post, I was suddenly bombarded with a bevy of highly disturbing pictures of naked bike riders.  Yet another reason these people just need to stay at home and eat chips.  No good can come from naked bike rides.**

My Monday Brain

14 Jun

Today my brain is full, so I will leave you with some of the random things flowing through it instead of trying to actually piece together a whole post on any one thought.  Maybe tomorrow…

(1)   My sister is married!! Don’t believe me?  Look here.  Told you!  Proof.

(2)   Thank you CMA Fest & Bonnarro for helping our post-flood economy with eager cowboy-hat-wearing and pot-smoking tourists.  Much love.

(3)   I had Mexican food at a total of 4 meals last week.  I’m not afraid to admit that.  And I probably had fried chicken at the remainder of my meals.  Oh… and I had a Pop-Tart for lunch today. Take that, Jillian Michaels.

(4)   I wore SPF 30+ all weekend because I’m grown-up now and care about things like skin cancer.  Whatever…It’s a slow process of convincing my brain that tan is ugly and pretending not to notice how terrible my Jergens skin smells while I sit at my desk every day.

(5)   I painted my nails 3 times last week… because that’s how many times it takes to have 5 straight days of painted nails in my world.  I paint.  I pick.  I peel.  I start over.  I have zero self-control when those babies start to chip… which is why I don’t waste my money on manicures.  (Don’t worry though, pedicures are safe… I don’t pick my feet!)

(6)   My out-of-town-living boyfriend was IN town last Friday on a day that I was also in the city (Nashville) for work meetings.  We got to eat lunch together!  It was totally awesome to live like the rest of the world.  You suckers are lucky.

(7)   My 4-month-old niece, Lyla, told me this weekend that I’m her favorite aunt.  Fine.  Maybe she didn’t actually SPEAK those words, but I can totally read babies and that’s definitely what she was telling me with her big baby eyes and that big gummy grin (Sorry Erika, Katie, and Annie).  Oh… and I’m Marlie’s favorite too, she just has to be all PC when yall are around.

(8)   This weekend I returned an Anthropologie (aka: death valley to Becky’s money supply) dress and then walked away with the dress + $140.  How?  Well that’s what happens when you buy a $178 dress (now’s not the time to judge) for “wedding events” and don’t wear it…. Then revisit death valley to see the dress on a sales rack for $39!! You return the dress, get $178 back, re-buy the dress for $39, and leave a happy girl.  Sweet glory days of magic!

(9)   I get to have Snappy’s tonight.  It’s only my favorite of all pizzas in the state of TN.  And since it happens to be in the hick-town in which my grandmother lives (no offense friends, it’s just what I’ve kindly referred to the town since I was younger… I happen to love the place) and since I happen to be spending the night in that hick-town with her, I will feast on the greasyness I’ve been waiting for all day.  YUM.

Happy End of Monday! 🙂

Saturday Morning So Far

13 Mar

Apparently this is how I spend my Saturdays now; looking through pictures of other people’s homes.  I wish this were my bedroom.  It’s so pretty, and light, and refreshing.  And check out that view!  Oh, and tall ceilings.  I love tall ceilings.

apartment therapy

I don’t think I could ever live in a home shared by my sibling’s family like these girls did… but maaayyybe if I lived here.  No, still no.  That’s just crazy talk.

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