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Break Away

13 Mar

It’s a funny thing to me… how even without realizing that spring break is around the corner, my body started to crave warm weather and sandy beaches.  Maybe it’s just the natural response to months of cold and wet weather that finally start to break way for the sun.  Or, maybe it’s my body remembering that for so long in my life… this was a vacation time.  Whatever it is, it’s not so cool.  I don’t need to go to the beach right now for various reasons (including, most importantly, the amount of college kiddies that will be covering every square inch of my relaxation zone).  But, these temptations are tough to resist.  Let me tell ya.  Every part of me wants to grab my bathing suit, throw on some sunglasses, and drive my butt down to the gulf to put my toes in the sand for a few days, BUT… I’ll resist the urge.  For now.  While being an “adult” certainly has it’s pitfalls (limited number of days available to use said adventures), it also has this other wonderful positive spin… you can use them any time of the year!  I know, it’s so great!  Now, my vacations aren’t limited to Spring, Summer, Fall, and Christmas.  Now, my friends, I can “break” whenever the heck my little heart desires.  (Although, to be fair, I kinda always did that anyway… attendance policies never stopped this girl! Except for maybe graduating on time. But that’s another story for another day).  So, don’t you worry, I will have my day at the beach.  I’m not sure where, when, or who with, but it will happen.  It HAS to happen (for my sanity and the well-being of my family and co-workers).

I would love to go here:

My sister & I at Ke'e Beach... soaking up every last minute.

I wish, with every tiny piece of my soul, that I could be at this place right this very instant.  (By the way, it’s the 2000’s already people, why haven’t we figured out teleportation yet??).  This is taken from a family trip to Kauai, Hawaii back in 2007.  We stayed at a house right on the beach within walking distance of the Na Pali coast.  That place was perfection.  I had planned to hide on our scheduled departure day and be stuck there forever, but chickened out in the end.  I’m still convinced I could live a perfectly happy and normal life as a beach-bum, if anybody wants to join me.  Some people try to tell me that I would eventually get tired of the beach and it would lose it’s magic.  Ok, Crazies!  Shame on you for speaking such negative things about my home!!  We are no longer friends.  That kind of scenery out your window could never get old.

I’m contemplating businesses I can start on the island (because who needs a vacation when you live in paradise?).  Any and all ideas are welcome.  I’m thinking I may just set up shop on the sand with some sunscreen and popsicles until a wealthy vacationer offers to be a financial backer to my island wedding business.  It could work.  OR, or I could be that person in all the ads for the local hotels/tourism board that is enjoying the beach, pool, restaurant, etc.  Now, there’s a job I’d be good at.  😉

Speaking of packing up and moving to paradise… does anyone else remember this little contest that was put on a year ago?  They were going to pay somebody to live in Australia for 6 months and blog about their experience.  Hellloooo, dream job.  Apparently it was a lot of people’s dream jobs.  The site got so jammed with visitors that it was down for a day or so.  The whole point of this contest was to draw attention to the area and increase tourism.  Hope it worked! (although, I have to say, I’ve yet to check in and see what the winner did with the opportunity, so maybe it didn’t?)

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