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My Best Friends, Like Sisters.

17 May

I seriously have the best friends.  Don’t even try to argue with me because you know I’ll win.  And not just because I’m such an excellent argue-er, but because they truly are the best.  My mom used to tell me that I was a good judge of character based off the circle of friends that I kept.  At the risk of sounding somewhat arrogant in my friend-finding skillz, I think my friends are living proof of what she meant.  How did I find such awesome people?  How did I get so lucky?  I’d have to say that one of the benefits of being a sit-back-and observe kind of person and not a look-at-me girl is that I have more time to pick up on things, and really see people for who they are.  So maybe that’s how.  Or maybe it was my mom’s good-nature and warm heart that led me to seek out people like her.  I know that God brought them into my life, I’m just glad I was alert enough to realize it in time to snatch them up!

Sure, we’ve all had our “issues” from time to time through the years, no friendship is perfect.  But I know, at the end of the day, these people love me and have my back no matter who or what may come against me.  I’m incredibly lucky to have such a gift.

You may be wondering what got me off on this friend-loving tangent… or you may not care one bit… but either way, here it is:  This past Saturday I threw a lingerie shower/bachelorette party for my sister.  While the attendants included several of her very best friends, 3 of mine happened to be in attendance as well (one of whom was the co-host).  True friends, I tell you.  These girls not only consider my family their own, but love me enough to support me in so many ways.  Yes, all of these girls are sister-like to Katie, and would probably support her on their own, but their presence in the night was a huge show of support to me, and I’m so very grateful.  That’s what friends are for.  I know Katie was grateful for their presence as well, she’s acquired so many big sisters through the years, and I’m sure she feels just as lucky to have them in her life.

Here we are with the bride-to-be;  Me, Niki, Katie, Addie, and Erika.

And, as I laid in our suite on Sunday morning with 2 of these girls… lounging around, talking, and laughing about the night’s hilarities while trying to pull ourselves out of bed… I got this warm, mushy feeling just thinking about how special they were and how precious this little moment was.  I cherish every one of my friends, and would give just about anything to see them more often.  (Sometimes I fathom a world where there were no boys to steal our time together, and we could just live together in a big house on the beach and  be roommates forever… it’s too late for a few of them though).

One of my favorite things about these kind of friends is our ability to pick-up where we left off.  I can go months, years even, without seeing some of these girls and we get together, it’s just like old days.  It’s like we never spent any time apart.  It’s just this peaceful, comfortable feeling being around them.  I love that.

And on that note, a special shout-out to friends not pictured, or even often-seen/conversed with, but whom I love deeply and am also thankful for:  Amber Heffington Kanzelmeyer, Ruthie Hill McClary, and Alisha Yordy (probably-soon-to-be-Page).  I love you all!

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