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Things I Love Thursday

8 Jul

Woah…Hold on.  It’s already Thursday again??  The days are just flying by so quickly this summer.  That is NOT ok.  Let’s slow it down a bit, eh?  I’ve still got some flip-flop and sundress wearing, sunshiny weather to enjoy.  I’m not ready to say goodbye just yet.

On to the things I love today…


The fact that, 8 years past said age, I still receive Seventeen Magazine in the mail.  To this day.  Why?  Beats me.  Perhaps I’ve accidentally won some sort of lifetime subscription?  Maybe it’s a fluke.  Maybe it’s a practical joke.  I doubt the later, though.  I’ll read, flip through, and steal ideas from any magazine that shows up at my door.  I’m betting it’s a fluke.  Oh well, I guess I will continue to learn about the issues facing our teens these days (which are surprisingly more advanced than I remember them being when I was 17, by the way).  Did I really just say “our teens”?  Wow, I’m aging too rapidly.


WATER.  Being on it, in it, and around it.  (Not drinking it though, I need flavor, people).  I always loved/envied The Little Mermaid and her underwater accommodations.  I actually used to pretend to be Ariel in the pool when I was younger (you know what I’m talking about, Katie).  I swam like a mermaid and sang away my voice to Ursula… the whole nine.  Nowadays, the adult me just wants to be around the water (not living under it).  But I still wouldn’t mind having her beautiful locks or singing sea-creature friends.


Short work-weeks.  For 2 (possibly even 3) weeks in a row!  This kind of setup would really be ideal… for the rest of my life.


Visiting with families.  Not just my own.  Every family is so interesting and it’s fun to see what makes them special.  Like this weekend, for example.  I got to spend time with both my sister’s in-laws and my boyfriend’s parents.  Fun stuff.  Katie’s nephews are adorable and I may just have to be their adopted aunt so that I can play with them more.  (and snipe them a little… did you see how photogenic they are?)


Then End.


My Monday Brain

14 Jun

Today my brain is full, so I will leave you with some of the random things flowing through it instead of trying to actually piece together a whole post on any one thought.  Maybe tomorrow…

(1)   My sister is married!! Don’t believe me?  Look here.  Told you!  Proof.

(2)   Thank you CMA Fest & Bonnarro for helping our post-flood economy with eager cowboy-hat-wearing and pot-smoking tourists.  Much love.

(3)   I had Mexican food at a total of 4 meals last week.  I’m not afraid to admit that.  And I probably had fried chicken at the remainder of my meals.  Oh… and I had a Pop-Tart for lunch today. Take that, Jillian Michaels.

(4)   I wore SPF 30+ all weekend because I’m grown-up now and care about things like skin cancer.  Whatever…It’s a slow process of convincing my brain that tan is ugly and pretending not to notice how terrible my Jergens skin smells while I sit at my desk every day.

(5)   I painted my nails 3 times last week… because that’s how many times it takes to have 5 straight days of painted nails in my world.  I paint.  I pick.  I peel.  I start over.  I have zero self-control when those babies start to chip… which is why I don’t waste my money on manicures.  (Don’t worry though, pedicures are safe… I don’t pick my feet!)

(6)   My out-of-town-living boyfriend was IN town last Friday on a day that I was also in the city (Nashville) for work meetings.  We got to eat lunch together!  It was totally awesome to live like the rest of the world.  You suckers are lucky.

(7)   My 4-month-old niece, Lyla, told me this weekend that I’m her favorite aunt.  Fine.  Maybe she didn’t actually SPEAK those words, but I can totally read babies and that’s definitely what she was telling me with her big baby eyes and that big gummy grin (Sorry Erika, Katie, and Annie).  Oh… and I’m Marlie’s favorite too, she just has to be all PC when yall are around.

(8)   This weekend I returned an Anthropologie (aka: death valley to Becky’s money supply) dress and then walked away with the dress + $140.  How?  Well that’s what happens when you buy a $178 dress (now’s not the time to judge) for “wedding events” and don’t wear it…. Then revisit death valley to see the dress on a sales rack for $39!! You return the dress, get $178 back, re-buy the dress for $39, and leave a happy girl.  Sweet glory days of magic!

(9)   I get to have Snappy’s tonight.  It’s only my favorite of all pizzas in the state of TN.  And since it happens to be in the hick-town in which my grandmother lives (no offense friends, it’s just what I’ve kindly referred to the town since I was younger… I happen to love the place) and since I happen to be spending the night in that hick-town with her, I will feast on the greasyness I’ve been waiting for all day.  YUM.

Happy End of Monday! 🙂

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