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A Cold Day in August

1 Aug

Who gets a cold in August? Really? Two years in a row, no less.  Although, to be fair, I’m almost certain last year’s illness was really the swine flu.  And since it happened to coincide with MJ’s memorial service, was just all-around miserable.  Chills, fever, coughing, dizziness, and sneezing all made worse by moments like Mariah choking up while singing “I’ll Be There” in front of Michael Jackson’s friends and family.  That was truly a miserable, non-stop-tears&runny-nose day.  Luckily, this time around I’m fairly certain it’s just a cold.  No fever, no chills, just really tired/drained and congested.  I don’t understand how I can make it through col&flu season every year just fine, but end up sick in the middle of a 100 degree summer?

Regardless, I need to be better by tomorrow.  One- it’s my little sister’s first day on the job (full-time-big-girl-real-world job).  And two- I have my quarterly (because that’s all I can afford) 4-hour salon appointment.  Needless to say, it’s going to be a loooong day.  I’ve tried my very best to use my weekend to get through my cold so that I can be ready to go tomorrow.  I hate using PTO for sickness, I’d MUCH rather use them for fun things!  Since I’ve been cooped up in my room doing my cold-stricken duty of “resting”, here’s some things that have kept me entertained:

FRIENDS. Yes I know I watch way too much, but it really does make me feel better, I promise.  It just never gets old.

Reading. What? Did I say that? Yep, I did.  Thanks to your suggestions (via comments, texts, tweets, etc) I’ve started reading Eat, Pray, Love.  I’m only about 1/4 of the way through- because I’d really rather have my eyes closed when I’m laying in bed with a cold than using them to read- but I love it so far.  And you’re right, Erika, it definitely isn’t doing much to curb my desire for travel!

Blog-Browsing.  I’ve spent a few hours ogling over the beautiful weddings on 100 Layer Cake and salivating over the recipes from The Pioneer Woman.  Inspiration for now & later.  🙂

Plotting ways to waste all of my money.  I can’t even tell you how much I love everything in both of these stores (Anthropologie and J.Crew), but I can tell you that I’ve already spent thousands of dollars in my mind on some of the beautiful things I found in them (via their catalogues and websites). I actually own the super-cute sweater (be jealous) but this look is just so cute.

Anthro Sweater Anthro Dress

J.Crew J.CrewJ.CrewJ.Crew

sidenote/question– Is this girl Behati Prinsloo? I’m pretty sure it is.  I fell in love with this model when I frist started seeing her in VS PINK ads (mainly because of how much she resembled Ellen Pompeo- Meredith, Grey’s Anatomy- see it??).  She looks gorgeous. And in case you don’t happen to see it… I’ve provided an illustration. Twins, I swear it.

Shark Week.  Yeah, there’s not a whole lotta explanation needed here.  Who doesn’t love some good shark stories to scare you out of ever stepping foot into an ocean again (as if JAWS weren’t enough)? Speaking of, I need to break out my JAWS t-shirt this week, I suppose.  Call me a shork! (Shark-Dork. I just made that up, cool, huh?) So, I can’t really claim this as sick-becky entertainment since it starts today, but I just had to include it.

Random History Channel Specials– Speaking of good TV, I just saw a special called, “Most Extreme Airports”.  This was equal parts awesome and terrifying.  I definitely wanna ride the fence at St. Maarten.  (Or at least lay on the beach as the plane flies over!). I don’t see a schedule for re-air, so you’ll have to do your own research if you want to see what I’m talking about.  Here’s a few of my favorites: St. Maarten (Princess Juliana International), Lukla (Tenzing-Hillary) with a TINY runway with an enormous drop-off in the middle of the Himalayas, and Courchevel with its ski-jump runway. Scary!

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