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Beat the Heat: Shine-Stoppers

21 Jul

The purpose of these paper-thin little wipes is to remove shine from your face.  They take away all that un-wanted shininess and don’t mess up your makeup at all.  It’s a genius idea and you’re silly not to use them.  Well, that or you don’t get the greasies, in which case I despise you.  Just blot, and toss.  So simple and so very convenient.  With the kind of sweltering heat we’ve been having here in the south, I don’t leave the house without these.  As soon as my face meets the sun I begin to melt and it’s not pretty.

Step 1- Remove blotting sheet from packet.

Step 2- Press the blotting sheet to shiny area on skin and wonder if this is really working or if it’s simply pulling moisture from your fingers..

Step 3- Be equally amazed and disgusted by the results.  Then enjoy your newfound matte-ness.

I can’t remember exactly who it was that introduced me to these little miracle-workers, but it’s been a fabulous relationship ever since.

These wipes come in packages of about 50.  Several brands carry them (Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, etc.) and various stores carry their own versions (Target, Walgreens, etc.).   As far as I can tell, they all work exactly the same, so go for the cheapest!  I literally carry them everywhere I go.  It creeps people out sometimes when I pull these babies out and start patting myself down, but I’ve learned to look past that.  Worth it.

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