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Snow Dazed

29 Jan

It’s Friday night, I’m lounging by the fireplace in the pj’s I’ve been donning since yesterday, and it’s still snowing like crazy outside… I love today.   And since the current un-nashville like conditions outside are going to keep me here for a while,  I guess I’m out of excuses not to blog.  Yeah, that’s what my world has come to- procrastinating my self-given assignments.

While I enjoy sharing my world on here, sometimes at the end of a long day at work, consisting of 8 iwannapokemyeyesout hours of staring at my computer screen, the last thing I want to do it open my laptop.  But I’m back.  (I know this will thrill all 6 of my readers).  So here’s a quick recap of my life in the past couple of weeks…

–  Had a bad day at work (that was inevitably more self-induced and then triggered by someone else than anything) and almost quit.  And then almost moved away.  It’s safe to say that I let my emotions take over from time to time.  It’s also safe to say that I have a hard time separating my emotions from my job.  Yeah yeah, I know.  Girls.  Spare me.

– Visited the bf in Maryland.  Spent quality time hanging out, watching tv, cooking, and going on a movie marathon.  We saw The Blind Side- loved it.  We saw Up in the Air- It was good, clever and simplistic, and had a somewhat annoying ending.  Saw The Lovely Bones- Loved it.  Cried a lot.  Got scarred (Yes, I realize it’s not a “scary movie” but there were a couple intense parts, and I’m a big wimp).  And no, I can’t tell you if the movie is as good as the book…let’s be real, I didn’t read it.  I DID actually buy the book a couple years ago, but anyone who knows me can tell you I didn’t make it past the 1st chapter before putting it down somewhere and forgetting it ever existed.  But, the movie was great.

– Had a couple migraines (aka. life-stoppers).

– Made some progress in the wedding planning department.  Katie not only asked all of her bridesmaids, but she actually picked out and ordered dresses. (And I definitely love them, by the way).  She also selected her photographer.  She’s decided to use a local favorite, Mary Rosenbaum.  I haven’t met her yet, but one thing I know about her, other than her rather big price-tag, is that her pictures are beautiful.  And, as a photography lover myself, I totally approve.  (Her photos realllyyyy make me wanna pick up my camera and start snapping again… that’s what I got it for afterall, right?).

–  Said goodbye to my favorite Tonight Show host, Coco.  It was heart-breaking to see him walking away from his dream, but for a very respectable reason, I must say.  Yes, yes, I do realize that he a quite impressive buyout from NBC, but I don’t think, even for a minute, that he was in this for the money.  He was living his dream and in the end, doing what he felt was right.  And what a wonderfully heart-felt and classy farewell he gave.  He’s off to better things now.  Here’s a pretty good article about the recent late-night drama.

– Did some bloking (blog-stalking).  Some recent favorites;  The Pioneer Woman -Every female in the blog-reading world has probably at least heard of her.  She is both entertaining and educational. I’m still dying to dive into her love story, but you know any reading that requires a dedicated time-slot is generally out of the question. Maybe this snowed-in weekend shall change that.   Bakerella -Doesn’t the name say it all?? Found this little gem from the previously mentioned Pioneer Woman.  Katie and I have both tested out a couple of her sweets which have been VERY well received. The One In Pink -This girl is actually the fiancé of one of Katie and Clint’s good friends.  Katie sent me a link to her blog one day and about an hour of stalking later, I was hooked.  Is this creepy? I don’t care.  Other people’s lives are interesting to me.  And we happen to share a quite interesting nail polish problem. (Guess you’ll have to go read if you want to know what I’m talking about). I’ve got more, but I’ll save those for later.

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