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Do We Really Have to ‘Share the Road’?

23 Jun

Do you know what’s really annoying???  Well, wait… Let me back up.  I try to keep my postings on the positive side (hard as that may be at times) because listening to people complain and whine all day is just obnoxious and nobody cares about your problems….but sometimes I need a rant… this is one of those times.

So, like I was saying, you know what’s really annoying?  Bikers.  Not the leather-wearing motor-powered kind.  No no, the spandex-wearing, in-shape, annoying kind.  (I guess, technically, they’re called “cyclists”, but that’s too hard to say. So they’re bikers)  And I’m not just saying that because I’m envious of their motivation and willpower to get out and perform some kind of physical activity or because of the bodies that result from such activity… nope.  These people want to die.  And that’s not just annoying, it’s rude.  I guess I could be a tad more specific with my ranting:  I hate people who bike on Tyne (or similar roads).  For those of you who don’t live in Nashville or know where Tyne is… Just imagine a windy, hilly, tree-smothered road with ZERO shoulders and frequent drop-offs.  Now imagine 2 bikers enjoying their spandexed-out morning excercise as everyone in the world is trying to get to work… in a hurry, no less.  It’s so dangerous and so dumb.  If I come around a corner and can’t see you until the last-minute, and there’s a car coming towards me in the other lane… you leave me two choices:  (a) swerve into a tree and die or (b) hit you.  Don’t make me chose.  Seriously though, it’s a scary situation for all parties.  These bikers like to put everyone in danger.  You people should take your exercising and environmentally–friendly ways elsewhere.  Go to a park or something.  There are places created specifically with bikers in mind.  I get that you enjoy a challenge…. but I doubt you want the life-or-death kind.

And, not to mention Nashville has the worst drivers.  Ever.  I’m not even joking.  I can make this observation since I was born and raised (and learned to drive) in Georgia.  In Georgia, we were tought to follow the basic rules of the road, you know… turn signals, red lights, minimum speed limits, etc etc.  Apparently, everyone in Nashville was tought that these “rules” were more of “guidelines” that nobody chooses to follow.  You may think I’m exaggerating, but you just wait.  Next time someone pulls rapidly out in front of you (causing you to slam on your breaks) only to go 10 miles UNDER then speed limit and eventually tun off the road .3 miles later…. check the tags.  It’s a Tennessean.  They’re in no hurry and you won’t know which direction they’re going at a 4-way-stop.  Oh man, 4-way-stops and Tennesseans could be an entire post on its own.  I think you get the idea though, so I’ll spare you.

Let’s recap:  Inconsiderate bikers are annoying and have a death wish. Nashville residents cheated their way through driver’s school.  These two facts make a scary combination for all innocent and rule-following commuters.

OH- and did you know there’s an entire website out there dedicated to my rantings??  It’s called anticyclist.com and it’s a liiiiiittle overboard, but funny.  I don’t hate bikers, I just want them out of my way 😉

** And as I searched for a nice bike picture to include with this post, I was suddenly bombarded with a bevy of highly disturbing pictures of naked bike riders.  Yet another reason these people just need to stay at home and eat chips.  No good can come from naked bike rides.**

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