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So Much for Reading Rainbow

23 Jul

Apparently the only thing I learned from that show was a really cool song. IIII cannn gooo annyywhere.  Oh, and I thought LeVar Burton was pretty cool too.

So, I never thought the day would come.  I actually don’t think anybody could have seen this coming… I, a self-proclaimed non-reader, am asking for book suggestions.  Ever since the days of forced (even during our sacred summers) reading and book reports, I’ve sworn off the whole idea. It wasn’t for me, I decided.  Those people who said, “Aww, the book was SO much better than the movie”… well not if you didn’t read the book!  I always enjoyed the movie.  There was never a disappointment upon comparison for this girl.  I don’t know why I didn’t get passed down the love-to-read-for-the-fun-of-it gene from my mother.  She’s one of those who can read a whole book in a day out by the pool.  Must be a middle-child thing.

I’ve tried, over the years, many times to start reading.  I’ll go to the store, pick out a book (after judging it by it’s cover, naturally) and bring it home.  THEN, I’ll hide it somewhere deep in a dresser or closet where I can forget about it and feel a little less guilty for not reading it.  If I keep it out on the nightstand it looks at me with this “you don’t love me” sadness and I think, “you’re right, I don’t, now where did you hide the remote”.  While I have to admit that I actually DID enjoy the very few books I read because I wanted to, I just can’t seem to find the motivation to start another one.  You see, I buy them because I want to read them, but then that moment comes when I think “I shall read now”, and my brain goes into overdrive thinking about all of the other possible (mindless) things I could be doing with my life.  The enormously large collection of chick-flicks and TV on DVD start calling to me.  My computer starts craving some attention.  My bed sucks me in for a nap.  There’s always an excuse for why I can’t and a better activity on the to-do list.

But now I’m going to try, once more, to read. For fun, no less.  I live at home with my parents (aka: not with friends to occupy my time), my friends that are in town are always busy with their own interesting lives, my boyfriend lives 5.876 billion miles away, it’s too hot to be outside for more that 10 minutes at once, and there is no good TV on during the summer.  I’m bored!!  While I could be perfectly content to continuously cycle through the seasons of FRIENDS and The O.C or watch Pride & Prejudice for the 118th time, I think it’s time for something new.

So help me.  Give me some ideas for reading material.  Hey, there’s a chance I may even already own the book! I might just have to assemble a search & rescue team to find it…

(I’d prefer something outside of vampire/werewolf teen drama and romance novels, thank you!)

PEE ESS- Did you know what Reading Rainbow might be making a comeback?? I hear that Mr. Burton tweeted a little something about a RR 2.0. “Take a look.   It’s in a book…”  I’m not quite sure if the song’s really that good of if it just brings back happy memories of school when it was still fun (naps and crafts).

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