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Things I Love Thursday

22 Jul
New York City Section-

Ok, I know it's Shia LaBeouf... but you get the idea. Hot.

  • New York City businessmen.  Yummy.  I’m in love with how snazzy the men of New York dress for your average workday.  I’m use to khakis and polos (which if fine, don’t get me wrong), but these men dress with a purpose.  And they look goooood.  I couldn’t stop gawking.  Very sharp!
  • Air Conditioning.  We literally baked on the concrete in 100 degree weather.  It was unbearable.  Air conditioning and shaded sidewalks were our safe havens.
  • Absolutely ridiculous dinner conversations with friends. Yikes!
  • Dylan’s Candy Bar. I cant help but thinking “why didn’t I think of this??” every time I visit the candyland. Dylan Lauren, you’re me hero.
  • H&M.  Because the chain has yet to see the need to open a location in Nashville (MUCH needed), I have to wait until I travel to shop here.  I love that I can get cute, affordable work clothes.
  • NOT getting migraines when I travel.  It rarely happens… if ever.

Non-NYC (normal) Section-

  • Co-workers bringing their babies into the office.  I’d like to bring them all home with me.
  • The Kotex approach to selling tampons (by poking fun at the way other’s promote their feminine products).  Hilarious, I love these!  One & Two
  • Celebrating birthdays.  There were three just today- Brother, Best Friend, Co-Worker (and friend).
  • These beautiful rental-apartments in Paris.  How perfect are they? I must must go there.  Who’s coming with me??

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