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My Best Friends, Like Sisters.

17 May

I seriously have the best friends.  Don’t even try to argue with me because you know I’ll win.  And not just because I’m such an excellent argue-er, but because they truly are the best.  My mom used to tell me that I was a good judge of character based off the circle of friends that I kept.  At the risk of sounding somewhat arrogant in my friend-finding skillz, I think my friends are living proof of what she meant.  How did I find such awesome people?  How did I get so lucky?  I’d have to say that one of the benefits of being a sit-back-and observe kind of person and not a look-at-me girl is that I have more time to pick up on things, and really see people for who they are.  So maybe that’s how.  Or maybe it was my mom’s good-nature and warm heart that led me to seek out people like her.  I know that God brought them into my life, I’m just glad I was alert enough to realize it in time to snatch them up!

Sure, we’ve all had our “issues” from time to time through the years, no friendship is perfect.  But I know, at the end of the day, these people love me and have my back no matter who or what may come against me.  I’m incredibly lucky to have such a gift.

You may be wondering what got me off on this friend-loving tangent… or you may not care one bit… but either way, here it is:  This past Saturday I threw a lingerie shower/bachelorette party for my sister.  While the attendants included several of her very best friends, 3 of mine happened to be in attendance as well (one of whom was the co-host).  True friends, I tell you.  These girls not only consider my family their own, but love me enough to support me in so many ways.  Yes, all of these girls are sister-like to Katie, and would probably support her on their own, but their presence in the night was a huge show of support to me, and I’m so very grateful.  That’s what friends are for.  I know Katie was grateful for their presence as well, she’s acquired so many big sisters through the years, and I’m sure she feels just as lucky to have them in her life.

Here we are with the bride-to-be;  Me, Niki, Katie, Addie, and Erika.

And, as I laid in our suite on Sunday morning with 2 of these girls… lounging around, talking, and laughing about the night’s hilarities while trying to pull ourselves out of bed… I got this warm, mushy feeling just thinking about how special they were and how precious this little moment was.  I cherish every one of my friends, and would give just about anything to see them more often.  (Sometimes I fathom a world where there were no boys to steal our time together, and we could just live together in a big house on the beach and  be roommates forever… it’s too late for a few of them though).

One of my favorite things about these kind of friends is our ability to pick-up where we left off.  I can go months, years even, without seeing some of these girls and we get together, it’s just like old days.  It’s like we never spent any time apart.  It’s just this peaceful, comfortable feeling being around them.  I love that.

And on that note, a special shout-out to friends not pictured, or even often-seen/conversed with, but whom I love deeply and am also thankful for:  Amber Heffington Kanzelmeyer, Ruthie Hill McClary, and Alisha Yordy (probably-soon-to-be-Page).  I love you all!


The Forecast Called for Showers…

29 Apr

… and it’s not letting up just yet.

WeddingMania.  That’s the only way I can describe my life lately. I’m pretty sure 87% of my thoughts these days are directly related to the upcoming nuptials and the 26million tiny details that will fall (or be forcefully shoved) into place over the next couple weeks.  Did you read that?  WEEKS.  There are only 3 weeks until this shindig and things are about to get crazy.  There are so many things figure out, logistics-wise, that I literally want to curl up in the fetal position in the back of my closet and hide until it’s over sometimes.  Granted, all of the big decisions have been made, vendors have been booked, colors have been selected, blah blah blah.  That’s great and all, but HOW is all of this going to play out on May 22nd?  Let’s hope for something miraculous.  Since my sister has decided not to use a “professional” wedding planner, all of the day-and-weekend-of logistics are going to be delegated out among friends and family (who may have not actually volunteered yet but will be moooooreee than happy to lend a hand, I’m sure 🙂 ).

I plan to put together somewhat of a “dream team” of assistants to make this day run smoothly.  I’d love to be out in the field, fighting battles with my team, but since it’s my little sister getting married, I really would rather spend the day enjoying every moment, and soaking it all in instead of worrying about the cake that just fell to the floor, the location of the photographer, and the grandmother that just fell into the pool. (I’m not hoping for this, just prepared for the worst).  I don’t want the stressful details of the day keep me from enjoying this special event.

SO. If you haven’t been contacted yet, you’ve at least been warned.

On top of trying to tie up all of those loose ends, it’s been a month of showers as well.  The Price family shower and the couples shower are both behind us now, and the Ebel family shower and lingerie/bachelorette festivities are still out ahead.  (The Bachelor party is currently happening as I type, but luckily that’s one I don’t have to worry about).  I think the couple has received some great gifts, and I’m really thankful to all of the people who came out to support them and show them some love!  It’s been so great and we’ve all had so much fun.  I’m even more thankful for those who at least RSVP’d is some way, shape, or form about their attendance.  Seriously, don’t get me started on my newest, and ever-increasing, pet peeve of the moment.  But, back to positivity- I will post some shower pictures as soon as I get a chance… or the motivation.  Don’t hold your breath though.  Like I said… fetal position.

I would love to have been blogging more lately, but unfortunately, I knew if I opened my mouth, a would vomit wedding stories all over you.  I know you don’t want that.  So I’ve spared you until now.

On the wedding list for today: Flower selection with the bride and mother-of, lighting discussions, find a back-up bachelorette/lingerie shower venue since apparently my numero uno doesn’t like to pay their taxes and the state of TN wasn’t OK with that, shipping out a bridesmaid dress to a patiently waiting friend of the bride (at fault of the bridal store, i promise), coordinating the previously mentioned “dream team” and assigning tasks, finding a dress for the Ebel family shower this weekend, finding invitations for the lingerie shower, inviting people to the lingerie shower…  Sleep.  peaceful sleep.

Enough vomit for now. Keep an eye out for some pictures of these fun wedding events soon!

Things I Love Thursday

9 Apr

Once upon a time a young woman, Becky, had the misconception that by creating a once-weekly blog post, she would be forced to overcome her procrastination and get things done in a timely manner.  She thought that by creating a routine, she would gain some self-discipline.  She was wrong. Very very wrong.  In fact, once she even went 2 whole weeks without a post of any kind!  She was not a very good blogger, friends.

Ok, so I’ve been a little busy and maayyybbee a little lazy at times too.  I promise I’ll do better?  Well, now that that’s out of the way, onto the things I love:

  • Katie & Clint’s engagement pictures (I’d share the whole album with you but I don’t know that our happy little couple wants me posting their kissy pics all over the internet for the world to see.  I’ll leave that kind of sharing in their hands).
  • Springtime in Nashville.  It’s seriously so perfect here right now (not today in particular).  This past week has given us temperatures in the 80’s, beautifully sunny skies, and the most amazing colors everywhere.  I love it here this time of year.  Everything is just so alive and vibrant.
  • Butch Walker at The Ryman last Friday night.  I’ve always wanted to see him at such a venue.  His performance was great, as usual, but since 92% of the crowd was there to see Train (and 50% of that crowd was under the age of 13 or over the age of 50) the audience didn’t really show him the lovin he deserves.  And, due to the aforementioned crowd statistics, Butch definitely did some censoring.  His performance was great, but I can’t wait to someday see him pack the place with HIS fans who will stand and sing like they do.
  • STILL getting visited by the Easter Bunny at the age of 25.  Yes, that’s right, I still have a basket full of goodies on Easter morning and I happen to adore it.  Who outgrows candy and gifts?  Right. (And in addition the Reese’s Eggs they have out for Easter.  My absolute favorite Easter Candy! They’re so much better than regular Reese’s cups)
  • This adorable idea for a desk/workspace.  So precious.
  • Last Thursday being designated my “Doctor Day”;  They day in which I get all dreaded and necessary doctor visits out of the way.  I find it easier to combine the annoying visits into one day and get them all over with at once.  Done.  I can relax for a year (or until I get sick, I guess).
  • This picture of my sweet little nieces that now has a home on my work desk to make my days better…

And on a much sadder note (sorry in advance for breaking the happy & loving vibe):  The “Biscuit lady”, Carol Fay Ellison, of the Loveless Cafe passed away this week.  Apparently she had been in the hospital for 3 weeks with an undisclosed illness and didn’t make it.  As a frequent visitor to Loveless myself, I saw her often when stopping in.  She was always walking around talking to people, taking pictures, etc.  She was the face of Loveless and aided in the fame of the cafe.  I know everyone is saddened by her loss.  Here’s a little more information on Ms. Carol Fey.

Wedding Planning

21 Dec

A crash course.

So, my little sister Katie is getting married on May 22nd, 2010. We think. Katie and her fiancé Clint have been engaged since August of this year.  I was unofficially asked to step in as wedding planner.  Although I’m glad to help out (as I love weddings and everything girly)  I can’t make the decisions for her.  And, as of today (exactly 152 days from said wedding date) all that has been planned is the location: our home.  Plenty of other details have been thought about.  I guess that doesn’t count, does it?  Crap.  Her wedding is in 5 months and she doesn’t even have a dress yet.  (I can literally feel the panic I just caused to all of you past brides and wedding enthusiasts out there… I know, I know). 

Katie & Clint have been together for over 4 years now.  Here they are…

My mother and I have been through every checklist,book, blog, and magazine article we could find on wedding planning.  We know what we need to do, we just haven’t done it.  Don’t get me wrong, my sister couldn’t wait to be engaged, and definitely can’t wait to be married… it’s just that whole commit-to-a-date-and-plan-millions-of-little-details thing that she doesn’t much care for.  I can’t really blame her, it’s a LOT of work. I’m sure part of her has just wanted to run off and elope and not have to deal with any of the hassle a wedding can bring (and it may have, once or twice, been suggested by parents and various other family members).  You see, the men in Clint’s family have a history of this “tradition”… Mom was just trying to help them live out a legacy.  Ok, ok, maaayybbe mom is a (normally-sane) nutcase in hostess situations who is totally freaking about the amount of time we have left, and just doesn’t think she can survive the day-of without a anxiety attack.  (She winds herself up into a nervous wreck whenever we just have family coming over… dad likes to say she walks in circles).  We know better than to get in her way.  I can’t even begin to imagine what a couple hundred people, dresses, tuxes, caterers, photographers, and Dad would do to her.  She might have to be heavily medicated.  That, or we can ship her off to a deserted island and let her watch the wedding via live satellite feed?

Just for fun- Let’s take a vote!  “Backyard Wedding vs. Take The Money & Run” 


Well, Needless to say, If this wedding does happen on schedule, we’ve got a long way to go.  And since I’ll be learning as we go… I’ll try to keep everyone posted on the many adventures that are sure to follow, and the many lessons we learn along the way.  And, if anyone would like to share helpful pointers of your own, please do!

I do know this much; one of the most helpful resources I’ve found so far in my wedding research has been Ashley’s Bride Guide.  This website has pretty much everything you could possibly want to know about weddings in Nashville.  I could spend hours browsing through the numerous vendors and stalking other Nashvillians on the “Get Inspired” pages (A GREAT place to go for ideas on everything from location and colors to favors and food). I love it. Even if you don’t live in Nashville, you should really check it out just for the ideas that come with hours of browsing through wedding photos, videos, and such.

In the meantime…

Wish us luck!

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