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Things I Love Thursday

2 Sep

Well hello again, friends.  It seems that I’ve been somewhat MIA the last month.  I’d apologize to you about my lack of posting, but I’m really not all that sorry (whoops)!  Of course I’ve missed sharing my thoughts and getting your feedback, but my impromptu hiatus was a nice little vacation.  Like a social-networking rehab of sorts. It’s amazing how freeing it can be to let yourself off the hook …even when it’s your own projects.  Social media stresses me out.  It’s just one more thing to worry about.  Between my blackberry, Facebook, LinkedIn, this blog, Twitter, and multiple email accounts, I feel like I constantly have to work to assure I’m up-to-date on everything going on in the lives of my “friends” and stay on top of any and all communications passing through the various vessels.  Sometimes I think about just deleting them all and enjoying my freedom.  Maybe one day I will. I’ve mentioned the idea of deleting FB once and everybody I told basically shunned me.  People are apparently very serious about Facebook!

Things I love Today:

– Fall approaching with means so many good things:  (here’s my response, theoneinpink) Football, sweatshirts, traveling, campfires, crisp & cool morning air, good TV, hot coffee drinks, colorful leaves and peaceful drives, Sunday naps on the couch-monster, and prepping for my favorite holiday of all- Christmas (I also start preparations in October, which really just means listening to tons of holiday music. I have to make myself wait until October begins or people want to injure me).

– Upcoming travel plans starting with tomorrow’s trip to Chicago! (then followed by Frederick, Vegas, Gatlinburg, etc).

– Smore’s bars. Or the real deal.  Any combination of graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow works.

– My blogging vacation.

This pretty cleaver idea from UPS.  I like the idea of not lugging  bags through the airport, on cab, busses, etc.  Having my bag hand-delivered to my room might be pretty sweet.  And if I wasn’t flying SW, therefore having to pay for a checked bag, I might look into it.

– Simply Lemonades.

– A good pulled-pork BBQ sandwich with french fries (or onion rings) and a giant sweet tea.

– Manicured Nails.  Manicures are usually a definite no-go for this girl due to a serious polish problem. (the polish stays for maybe a day, starts to chip, then I can’t resist the urge to peel it all off).  I hated spending money for something that was so short-lived.  But recently I’ve gotten a few manicures and not only did I LOVE how beautiful my nails were (as opposed to my own artwork, which i consider pretty decent) the polish actually lasted around 5 whole days.  A miracle in nail-care.  I’m slightly obsessed now.  This is one expensive habit I probably need to break… but might continue jussst a little bit longer.  My favorite colors lately- Essise Beach Party, and Heavenly Sunset.

– My dad’s 30th anniversary gif to my mom.  Pictures to follow.

– My best friend (below with her future husband) getting engaged!! Wedding planing round 2! Couldn’t be happier for Niki and Chandler.

– Seeing MY boy tomorrow, finally, after 7 long weeks.  We get 5 days together this time and I can’t wait.  Plus, our visit will be taking place in Chicago, which means lots of fun entertainment options (i.e. eating & shopping).  I haven’t checked Man vs Food yet to see what delicious eateries might be in our path, but I will.


Things I Love Thursday

8 Jul

Woah…Hold on.  It’s already Thursday again??  The days are just flying by so quickly this summer.  That is NOT ok.  Let’s slow it down a bit, eh?  I’ve still got some flip-flop and sundress wearing, sunshiny weather to enjoy.  I’m not ready to say goodbye just yet.

On to the things I love today…


The fact that, 8 years past said age, I still receive Seventeen Magazine in the mail.  To this day.  Why?  Beats me.  Perhaps I’ve accidentally won some sort of lifetime subscription?  Maybe it’s a fluke.  Maybe it’s a practical joke.  I doubt the later, though.  I’ll read, flip through, and steal ideas from any magazine that shows up at my door.  I’m betting it’s a fluke.  Oh well, I guess I will continue to learn about the issues facing our teens these days (which are surprisingly more advanced than I remember them being when I was 17, by the way).  Did I really just say “our teens”?  Wow, I’m aging too rapidly.


WATER.  Being on it, in it, and around it.  (Not drinking it though, I need flavor, people).  I always loved/envied The Little Mermaid and her underwater accommodations.  I actually used to pretend to be Ariel in the pool when I was younger (you know what I’m talking about, Katie).  I swam like a mermaid and sang away my voice to Ursula… the whole nine.  Nowadays, the adult me just wants to be around the water (not living under it).  But I still wouldn’t mind having her beautiful locks or singing sea-creature friends.


Short work-weeks.  For 2 (possibly even 3) weeks in a row!  This kind of setup would really be ideal… for the rest of my life.


Visiting with families.  Not just my own.  Every family is so interesting and it’s fun to see what makes them special.  Like this weekend, for example.  I got to spend time with both my sister’s in-laws and my boyfriend’s parents.  Fun stuff.  Katie’s nephews are adorable and I may just have to be their adopted aunt so that I can play with them more.  (and snipe them a little… did you see how photogenic they are?)


Then End.

Things I Love Thursday

11 Mar

Pulp-free orange juice.  Saving money (thanks, in large part, to my loving and gracious parents who let me constantly crash their party, aka: live at their house).  The beautiful, sunny, 70 degree weather we had Monday- more of that, please!  Antropologie announcing their debut into the wedding biz (like a DREAM come true).  Jim & Pam.  Addie Garner officially being in Nashville.  Hot-tubs after a long day at work.  Spontaneous trips up north.  New, and yet-to-be-cluttered-by-insane-amounts-of-lipgloss-and-crap, purses.  Loveless Cafe (especially the fried chicken, biscuits, blackberry preserves, country ham, and hashbown casserole.  oh and everything else on the menu).  Conan O’Brien tweeting: “f I had a show, I’d tweet about which Oscar winner is coming on tonight. Instead, here’s my favorite frozen vegetable: Peas!“.  Conan O’Brien announcing a tour of sorts… have yet to figure out what exactly will be happening.  Fried Pickles.  Fried anything.   Target’s recent collaboration; Liberty of London (hopefully I can purchase some of these adorable pieces before the get raked up by the masses, as it happens with all of the Target/Designer collabs. Yes I just made that word up, get over it).  Sandra’s big night- she looked beautiful (and so happy, right?!)

Things I Love Thursday

4 Mar

In an attempt to find a way to routinely update this thing… I present to you: “Things I Love Thursday”- an idea that is by no means my own creation.  A previously mentioned blogger recently suggested that her readers follow in her footsteps, and I’m happy to oblige.  (This is apparently, a recent wide-spread blogging trend).

So here they are, things that I’m loving on this fabulous Thursday:

My out-of-town BFF getting an apartment in Nashville.  Shuffle on my iPod for reminding me of fun songs I forgot about.  My cowboy (ahem, girl) boot obsession and the fact that I live in a city where it is readily accepted.  EVERYTHING here.  Food color spray that made my cupcakes look semi-pro (so much fun).  Girl Scout cookies.  Getting to wear jeans to work tomorrow.  Phone chats with my 2 year old niece, Marlie.  Dry shampoo so I don’t have to shower frequently (cause you know I hate that).  Mamma Mia with mom and Katie tonight.  Bread & Company fruit tea (yummm).  Bridal magazines.  GLEE returning in ONE month.  New Butch Walker jams.  American Idol (despite the hour of commercials).  The ability to not watch shows live, and fast-forward through commercials.  Planning future travels (both realistic and fantasy).  Vanilla Caramel coffee creamer… or anything that makes that oh-so-delicious smelling stuff taste a little less like coffee and a little more like dessert.  The invention of the show Modern Family (hilarious).  The surprised look I always get when someone walks into the bathroom at work and I’m brushing my teeth (if they knew my dental history, they wouldn’t judge).  Plans with my bestfriend/old college roomie tomorrow night (sometimes the separation is more than I can bear). My collection of F.R.I.E.N.D.S  dvd’s that never get old.

Speaking of that favorite show of mine, a little quote that makes me smile:

Mr. Geller: Well, I don’t know what’s in the boxes down here, but I do know there are six or seven Easy Bake Ovens in the attic.
Monica: I used to
love to play restaurant.
Ross: Yeah, not as much as you used to love to play “un-cooked batter eater.”
Monica: Hey, it is unreasonable to expect a child to wait for a lightbulb to cook brownies!

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