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12 Jan


Glee, my latest obsession, is holding auditions for it’s 2nd season.  Shutup! The opportunity to be on this show could be huge for someone.  It’s gained a (radpidly growing)  following it’s it’s first half-season of existance.

If you don’t watch this show you are seriously missing out.  This means you too, guys!  I know it seems slightly fem, but I promise after a couple hours of this show you’ll be hooked (whether or not you choose to publicly admit it.  Hey, I understand the reputation you have to uphold, and the man-card you wish to keep).  Glee Season 1, Volume 1Of course it’s funny, and charming, and definitely a fresh take on the traditional high school drama… but what I love more than anything is the MUSIC (duh).  These actors are incredible.  Hello… Lea Michele (Rachel, for you fellow addicts)!!  Chills. Seriously.

The first half of season one is out now (slightly odd, but definitely smart on their part).  I’d offer to let you borrow mine but I’ve had it on a constant repeat since the day I purchased it.

Hurry up, April!

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