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Locality: Whiskey Kitchen

9 Mar

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to try out a new local hangout in Nashville.  A friend of mine from Atlanta had been excited to try out Whiskey Kitchen after seeing it pop up everywhere alongside the names of various Nashville celebs who were in attendance at some point.  So on Friday night, we ventured out. This place is located at 118 12th Avenue South.  (I didn’t realize this area was considered part of The Gulch… apparently it is).

We got there at about 9PM and were told there was an hour and forty-five minute wait for a table, but the bar was full-service.  Two hours for food??  No thanks.  (I do realize that going to a bar on a Friday night is begging for a crowd, but I was hungry, ok?)  We proceeded to creep behind a few people at the bar until the left their seats and we snatched them up.  And it’s a good thing too, because I don’t know that we’d have ever gotten a table!  People were in there to drink and have a good time, and that’s not something done in a timely fashion.  So out of the maybe 15 tables in the place, approximately 2 opened up in the time we were there.  Now, it may not have been exactly classy to eat an entire meal at the bar… but we had no shame.  Hunger is not my friend and I’m not afraid to chow down in front of a crowd.

It was super-busy and pretty loud.  People were having to shout, and even having a conversation with my friend, 6 inches away, was a bit of a challenge.  But, the atmosphere was good.  People were happy, having a good time, and the music was decent.  (There was a DJ spinning all night, not exactly what I was expecting from a place with this name, but I guess they’re trying to attract a certain crowd… and playing slow-cooked southern music might bring out a bunch of cowboy hat-wearing hicks that could ruin their “trendy” vibe)  Mission accomplished. No cowboy hats here.

My Run-Down:

Drinks were Pretty reasonably priced (for the type of bar this is).  Jack+Cokes were $6.50/each but my Vanilla Sky was a whopping $9.50.  (I justified it at the time because I never get out much anymore, but wow).

The food was delicious.  Like I mentioned, we ate our entire meal at the bar with people reaching around us for drinks the entire time, but it was worth it to have a seat.  We shared the “Southern Sliders” and “Tennessee Whiskey Yam Fries” (sweet potato fries) and both were fabulous.  I’ve never been a fan of sweet potatoes, but we managed to eat every last fried morsel of these babies.  I’d go back just for the fries (but definitely on a not-so-crowed week night).

And as I’m browsing the internet for a good picture of the place I come across this quote from Nashfullovit:

“We’ve never seen anyone eat at the crowded bar, although we suppose it’s technically possible.”

Well, friends, let us be the first to break that social-etiqutte barrier!  I like my food, and would have un-shamefully eaten from my lap if I had to.  🙂

** Little side-note to various family members and fellow CoC people who might find my talk of booze slightly horrifying- It’s OK.  Jesus drank.  I’m a grown-up and I can handle it from time to time.


Feed me… ANY of this.

5 Mar

WHY, oh why… would I decide to browse through these delicious recipes at lunch, knowing that all I have in my little cabinet here at work is some pb and crackers??  You tell me, because I can’t seem to fathom a reason for such self-induced torture.

WARNING:  Do not click this link unless you (a) are full and therfore scrumptious food doesn’t appeal you, or (b) you happen to live in the only house in America that miraculously contains all the ingredients you’d need to make any of these dishes.

Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic… but let me remind you that I’m eating peanut butter on a saltine for lunch.  Now, feel sorry for me.

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